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Problemi di colore sbagliato nei RAW? Ora non lo avrai più! Con un utilissimo download da effettuare da Adobe Labs potrai calibrare il colore in Camera Rwa e Lightroom.

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Camera Profiles and DNG Profile Editor

This page is maintained by the Camera Raw engineering team. Last updated: October 22, 2008


We have been actively working on improving color rendering for digital raw photographs. Our new color rendering package contains the following components:

  • the DNG 1.2 specification, which expands and formalizes the concept of a color profile for raw (i.e., scene-referred) image data captured by digital sensors,
  • Adobe Standard camera profiles that significantly improve color rendering, especially in reds, yellows, and oranges,
  • Camera Matching profiles that match the camera manufacturers’ color appearance,
  • DNG Profile Editor, a free software utility for editing camera profiles, and
  • this web page, designed to help photographers get the most out of the new camera profiles and the DNG Profile Editor.

Public Beta

The new camera profiles and DNG Profile Editor are being initially distributed online in public beta form. This public beta gives photographers the opportunity to try these new tools and provide feedback before we finalize them. The initial public beta was released at the end of July. A second public beta (also called “beta 2”) has been released on October 22, 2008.


The new Adobe Standard and Camera Matching camera profiles require Camera Raw 4.5 / Lightroom 2.0 or later. In general, they can be used in any raw converter that supports DNG 1.2. These camera profiles will NOT work correctly with earlier versions of Camera Raw (i.e., 4.4.1 and earlier) and Lightroom (i.e., LR 2 public beta, 1.4.1 and earlier). These earlier versions do not support DNG 1.2. In particular, please note that the new profiles will NOT work correctly with the public beta of Lightroom 2. Only the release version of Lightroom 2 will load and process the new profiles properly. The DNG Profile Editor’s basic system requirements (i.e., CPU, operating system, and memory) are the same as Lightroom’s requirements, described here.

Finally, please note that these camera profiles only work with raw files. They do not apply to already-rendered images such as TIFF or JPEG files.

Downloads and Installation

To install the profiles, first be sure to quit Photoshop and Lightroom. Then run the installer software and follow the on-screen instructions. Once the installer has successfully finished, you should be able to use the new profiles as described below in Getting Started. The DNG Profile Editor does not require installation. Simply unzip the zip file and run the software.

Getting Started

Once you have installed the new profiles, you can select them within Camera Raw and Lightroom as shown in the illustrations below:

Using Profiles in Camera Raw Using Profiles in Lightroom


Since the profiles and DNG Profile Editor are still in public beta, there is no official Adobe support for them. However, we have put together an online FAQ, tutorials, and documentation to help you get started with both the profiles and DNG Profile Editor. You are also encouraged to post questions in the User-To-User forums (see links below).

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