Nikon D700X bufala o futuro?

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Sul sito di KenRockwell è apparsa una notizia (o bufala chissà) su una probabile uscita sul mercato della Nikon D700x

Riportiamo in questo articolo (perdonateci la lingua inglese) alcune caratteristiche che dovrebbe avere questo probabile (o no!) nuovo modello Nikon:

Finder: 95% coverage (of full FX frame, not the tiny DX frame), 0.72x with 50mm lens. (D3 is 0.7x and 100% coverage.) . 18mm eyepoint. Inferior finder for DX lenses; the D700x doesn’t crop the finder as does the D3.

Electronic Level: Yes, electronic virtual horizon, just like D3X.

AF: 51 points. CAM3500FX sensor array (same as D3X). Fine-tuning, if you have slight errors with certain lenses.

Shutter: 1/8,000 ~ 30 sec, bulb. Carbon fiber and Kevlar, tested to 150,000 cycles.

Flash Sync: 1/250.

Frame Rate: 3 FPS. 5 FPS in DX mode.

Built-in Flash: GN 39/12 (Feet/meters at ISO 100). Controls wireless flash.

Sensor: 24MP CMOS, same as D3X. 14-bit linear ADC, 16-bit data pipelines, as the D3X. 12-channel parallel readout.

Sensor Size: FX (23.9 x 36mm) and cropped DX, just like D3X. No professional 5:4 mode.

Live View: two modes.

Resolution: 24MP in FX, 10MP in DX.

FX (24 x 36mm): 6,048 x 4,032 (L), 4,544 x 3,024 (M) and 3,024 x 2,016 (S).

DX (16 x 24mm): 3,968 x 2,640 (L), 2,976 x 1,976 (M), 1,984 x 1,320 (S).

ISO: 50 ~ 6,400. Nikon really only want you using ISO 100 ~ 1,600, so lower ISOs are read as gibberish like “Lo-1” and higher ISOs are coded as garbage like “HI+2.”

File Formats: JPG, TIF, NEF. NEF in 12- or 14-bit with no, lossy or lossless compression.

Rear LCD: Exquisite 3,” 920,000 pixels. HDMI HD output, but it uses a screwy, non-standard mini HDMI connector.

Storage: Single CF card. Too bad; I love the in-camera backup of the D3’s dual card slots.

Data Communication: USB. Optional WT-4 wireless and ethernet.

Optional Macho-Man Grip: MB-D10, same as D700.

Power: EN-EL3e, standard; same as D700, D200, D300, etc.

Size: 5.8 x 4.8 x 3.0″ (147 x 123 x 77mm).

Weight: 35.1 oz. (995g) without battery, card, strap, monitor cover or lens.

Price (USA): $4,399, September 2009.

Introduction: 21 August 2009.

Available: Early December 2009.

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